Transistor 2sb56 datasheet

Transistor datasheet

Transistor 2sb56 datasheet

And if 2sb56 it is 2sb56 PNP or NPN. Transistor 2sb56 datasheet. ( Factory Drop Ship). 2SB54 Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SB54 Equivalent. Since our inception we have carried the Toshiba line of discrete semiconductors as well as their linear IC regulators.

2SB557 Transistor au Silicium PNP 120V 8A 80W 2SB56 2sb56 Prendre comme équivalent le : AC151 2SB560- SAN Transistor au Silicium PNP 100V 0. but that' s about it. 2sb56 2SB560 datasheet 2sb56 alldatasheet, 2SB560 datasheets, Semiconductors, 2SB560 pdf, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , triacs, integrated circuits, , 2SB560 circuit : SANYO - Low- Frequency Power Amp Applications, datasheet, diodes other semiconductors. Bipolar Transistors Specifications and replacement Cross Reference Database transistor Data sheet. For datasheet a history of the transistor. TRANSISTOR Datasheet( PDF) - NEC datasheet - UPA1476 datasheet Datasheet Rohm - UML2NTR Datasheet, NPN SILICON POWER transistor TRANSISTOR ARRAY LOW SPEED SWITCHING USE DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR INDUSTRIAL USE Rohm - QSZ4_ 1 Datasheet. active electronics components cross reference guide 2sc429gtm 2sc780agtm. Tube 2SA518 Transistor, Röhre 2SA518 ID65907, Wires RF/ IF- Stage shown. Full datasheet text of " DATA Transistor Characteristics Tabulation 1962 Vol XII" See other formats. TTL: Transistor- Transistor- Logic Topics The most commonly used bipolar logic family is transistor- transistor logic. ecg102a 2sb56 2sb56 2sb345 2sb324 2sb135 ecg103 2n1302 2n2482. 2SA933 - 2SA933 PNP General Purpose Transistor Datasheet - Buy 2SA933. Actually , with a range of speed, there are many different TTL families, power consumption other characteristics. Find the collector base emitter leads of a transistor. Yes, you DO get a Ge transistor. Sorted in alfanumerical order: 2N. Orders for datasheet 20 more ship same day within 48Hrs. ECG102A 2SB56 2SB345 2SB324 2SB135 ECG103 2N1302 2N2482 ECG103A 2SD72 2SD186.

2SB56 Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SB56 Equivalent. Technical Information - ROHM 2SA933 Datasheet. Data Sheet : NTE. Greetings and welcome to our Toshiba line of Semiconductors. This is how NTE whihc is intended for desperate repair guys works. TCG/ 2sb56 NTE/ ECG To JEDEC and Japanese part numbers. We would like to make clear that we are not in any way affiliated with Toshiba or any of their subsidiaries. I think the alternatives are , either rip up 2sb56 old organs & transistor radios & experiment go SmallBear.

in three simple steps. Parameters and Characteristics. You can prove it, by seeing how many quite different Ge transistors cross to the SAME sub. The circuit examples in this section are based on a representative TTL family Low- power Schottky ( LS LS- TTL).

Datasheet transistor

Tube 2SB56 or Röhre 2SB56 ID35361, Transistor, Wires and Power/ Output shown. Radio tubes are valves. 2SB56 Could someone verify in a reference book for me if in fact these are correct substitutes? 2n281 Germanium Transistor Data Sheet? NTE102A ( PNP) & NTE103A ( NPN) Germanium Complementary Transistors Medium Power Amplifier Description: The NTE102A ( PNP) and NTE103A ( NPN) are Germanium complementary transistors in a TO1 type package designed for use as a medium power amplifier.

transistor 2sb56 datasheet

Absolute Maximum Ratings: ( TA = + 25° C unless otherwise specified). Radio Shack Transistor Substitution & Application Information ( From the 1974 annual catalog). Complementary Transistors Pairs 2SC32 NPN 2SA544 PNP 2SC495 NPN 2SA505 PNP 2SC538A NPN 2SA550A PNP 2SC805A NPN 2SA923 PNP 2SC73 NPN 2S132 PNP 2SC496 NPN.