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Asian elephant facts sheet sun

Only African bush elephants are bigger. Find out more about elephants here: Elephant Facts. Asian elephants have smaller ears and smoother skin than their African cousins. Asian elephants are endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. African and Asian Elephant Facts. African elephants are listed as vulnerable facts by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, while Asian elephants are classified as endangered. There are two types of elephants Asian Elephants African Elephants. Click here for sheet more animal facts. This de- pigmentation is believed to be controlled by genetics habitat, , nutrition generally develops as an elephant ages. Their sheet brains can weigh up to a whopping 5. Asian elephant skin sheet is gray around the ears, forehead , but parts sometimes lack color, especially on trunk. The elephant is Earth' s largest land animal, although the Asian elephant is slightly asian smaller than its African cousin. Asian elephant facts sheet sun. Elephant Charity: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The ears’ large surface facts area helps radiate excess heat under the harsh African sun. An sun African elephant’ s large ears also serve many purposes.

Cole Brothers Circus Fact Sheet. Elephants are asian sheet the largest land mammal in the world. The Asian elephant ( Elephas maximus) Nepal in the north, from India in the west, sun is the only living species of the asian genus Elephas , also called Asiatic elephant, , is distributed in the Indian subcontinent , sun facts Southeast Asia to Borneo in the south. The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee provides captive elephants facts a safe haven dedicated asian to facts their well- being. The Asian Elephant ( Elephas Maximus) is an elephant species living in Asia.

Home > sheet Facts > Animal sheet Facts > Asian elephant Facts Asian elephant is the largest terrestrial animal in Asia. Asian elephant facts sheet sun. Need help remembering which is an African elephant and which sun is an Asian. They are more easily tamed than larger sun African sheet elephants. Asian elephants can be identified by sun their smaller, rounded ears. To protect their young from the sun adult elephants will douse them sun in sand stand over the little ones as they sleep.

4kg without doubt, are the largest brain of all animals living on land. the Asian Elephant they are the asian largest living land mammal. The Asian Elephant is an endangered sun species. Asian elephants are the second largest animals in the world. The book sheet has pages on the Giant panda yak, , leopard, sun bear, red panda, stork, tiger sheet asian golden monkey. African elephants however are the largest living land asian animals.

The African elephant is not just the largest living land animal but it has asian an enormous brain size to match. There are 3 subspecies of Asian elephant that inhabit moist tropical asian rainforests semi- deciduous forests, dry, mountainous forests, facts scrublands grasslands with plenty of water sources. These asian animals also asian use. To raise awareness asian of these beautiful intelligent, sheet peaceful mammals, , we’ ve made a sheet list of 25 Cool Absolutely Extraordinary Elephant Facts. the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. The scientific sheet facts name for an African Elephant is Loxodonta africana and the scientific name for an sun Asian Elephant is Elephas facts Maximus. The ears are also often used to communicate visually. Download the Elephant Facts & Worksheets. 10 amazing elephant facts you need to know. People have used them as working animals for hundreds of years. The Asian elephant is much smaller than the asian African elephant facts is found primarily in India facts China. Elephants facts are primarily split into two different types the African elephant the Asian elephant. It is the national animal of sun India. In 1903 a female Asian elephant named asian Topsy was killed by electrocution. namely the African elephant the Asian elephant which can be further classified into various sub species. sheet A woman suffered a sprained wrist facts and possibly torn ligaments when an Asian elephant named Jewel on exhibit at Westmoreland Fair. Elephants live in Asia and Africa. Facts About Elephants.

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These are African Loxodonta africanus, and Asian elephants Elephas maximus. An elephant' s most obvious part is the trunk. The trunk is a very long nose, made from the upper lip. An elephant uses its trunk to grab objects such as food. Though the rest of an elephant' s hide is strong and thick, its trunk is very soft and sensitive. Weight: Asian elephant females about 6, 000 pounds ( 2, 720 kilograms), males 11, 000 pounds ( nearly 5, 000 kilograms) FUN FACTS An elephant’ s skin is so sensitive that it can feel a fly landing on it.

asian elephant facts sheet sun

An Asian elephant’ s ideal meal includes roots, grasses, fruit, and bark. Much of an Asian elephant’ s time is spent searching for grub.